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Travelling is no longer a hobby for people, but it has become a passion, and more than that some people are even pursuing it as a profession, and why not? What’s better than turning your passion into work? But the way it seems interesting and adventurous from the outer world, on the depth it's demanding too. People who travel frequently would be surely aware of the problem they suffer such as back pain while sitting on buses for hours or neck pain due to the same reason. 
There are a number of people who love to travel in the mountains but are scared of road trips since the railways are not on hills and not everyone will use the airlines. But we all know road trips do cause real pain problems, and as a result, a day of the trip goes into sleep. Leaving us wasting one day of the perfect trip we planned for months. Here are some awesome benefits you can get by making a purchase with us:

Trajectory Travel Accessories Manufacturer

"We are India's leading manufacturers in sleeping bags, neck pillows, passport holders, air pillows and messenger bags category. We take all kinds of bulk order requests be it corporate gifting, exporting or reselling. Our travel products are loved by all our B2B clients. Moreover, Trajectory is the leading travel accessories brand on multiple online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. since 5 years serving close to 3.5 lakh customers across India."

To help travellers and nature lovers out of their pain-causing problems Trajectory is now here with a wide range of travel accessories. These small little things will not only be comfortable to carry in your long, adventurous trips but will also give you relaxing travel so that when you land at your destination, you can enjoy the place to the fullest without any pain in the back or around your neck area. Buy travel accessories online for both men and women at Trajectory and enjoy the path as well as the destination. 

Comfortable Journey 

Sound Night Travels 

Travel accessories provide you with a sound sleep at night time while you are traveling, which helps in not to make you drowsy on the other day. The accessories provided by us such as sleeping bags, travel pillows, and air pillows bring comfort to you and even save you from freezing weather while traveling in winter. 

Travel Partner for Every Season

People often like to visit hill areas during winter to confine themselves to the snowy beauty all around but chose not to because of the cold breezes in the atmosphere this is where our accessories can help you to keep you warm, with our travel accessories you can finally make the coolest trip of the year happen, that you have been planning for ages. You're comfort zone while traveling is our foremost priority and our traveling accessories make this possible. 

A Secure Place for Documents

Additionally, we are now offering a traditional passport holder bag, so you no longer have to worry about losing your crucial document while you travel internationally. With the help of our travel accessories, you can now relax while travelling and have your passport rest in a passport bag. Keep yourself at ease and don't worry about losing your crucial paper. When it comes to travel accessories, we offer a fairly diverse selection. You can always rely on us, and you won't regret making this purchase with us. 

Best Seller 

At Trajectory, we are completely dedicated to the quality of our products since we think that quality is what keeps our clients coming back. If you ever feel like you need help with your order, our customer service is always there for the same. The delivery of the products is also quite swift; you won't have to wait around for a few weeks to receive your product which also makes us the best seller. We reassure you that every facet of your purchase from us is in capable hands. Purchase the item that will serve as your ideal traveling companion for many years and we assure you that, you won't regret it. 






Trajectory Travel Accessories Contact Section

Ankit Goel

I always love and prefer sling bags and messenger bags as they are more stylish that regular backpacks, especially if you are an office goer and who carries a laptop.


Manit Roy

The sleeping bag is really comfortable and nice. It's very lightweight to carry. Even the sac itself is spacious. This means you can easily roll your sleeping mat and easily put it into the sac. So no need of asking for help. Good product. As I love Indian soldiers a lot, the print I choose. 

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